The Tennessee 8th District Tea Party Coalition (TN8TPC) was formed in January of 2011 and currently includes ten county Tea Party organizations in the 8th U.S. Congressional District of Tennessee.  The body of the TN8TPC consists of two voting representatives from each local Tea Party who are selected by the leadership of each respective group.  

TN8TPC continues to grow as additional county groups join the coalition.  It is our goal to establish at least one Tea Party group in every county within the 8th U.S. Congressional District of Tennessee.  If you live in the western part of our state and are not represented by a Tea Party group in your area, please contact us.  We will help you organize a group in your county or community.

 Contact us at:

Recognizing that manpower alone is not sufficient to bring about the return to constitutional governance in our state, a state Political Action Committee (PAC) was formed in October 2012.  This PAC will better enable the TN8TPC to affect positive changes in both legislation and elections in the days ahead.  

​We hope that you will consider a donation to the TN8PAC.  A small monthly donation 
from our Tea Party members and conservative friends will have a 
huge impact on what we can accomplish. 

Be assured that all funds donated to the PAC will be used wisely.  
All expenditures of the PAC must be approved by unanimous consent 
of the leaders of the TN8TPC member groups and filing cost but 
no administrative fees will be taken from the fund. 

There are many special interest PACs, 
but this PAC is quite different.  Please consider
making your contribution to: 

Securing the God given rights of 
"We the People of Tennessee" 
and our posterity is our special interest.